Autumn/Winter 2015

“Toxic Glamour”

We used to say that chemicals and toxins were within our reach. Not anymore. Now they are reaching out to us, and blissfully unaware, we welcome them with open arms.

We are living in the world of irony and contrast. We are enjoying “clean food” in plastic containers. We are buying organic products from non-organic providers. We are sad to see animals killed, but would literally kill for that new crocodile-skin IT bag. Life is complicated, and so are we.

This season, Kingkan explores the toxins around us, and the contrast they present in our seemingly hygienic, green and healthy lifestyle. Colours in the “Toxic Glamour” collection range from acid green to black and white. Clean and simple pieces contrast with prints that seem as if someone spilled a chemical on the fabric. The silhouettes are sleek, sophisticated, and sexy – Kingkan’s signature adjectives.

Wearing the pieces in the “Toxic Glamour” collection represents your awareness about how toxic our world really is, and when feeling it so close to your skin, you might be inspired to do something about it. It’s a portrayal of pollution in a positive light, in a sense that it’s not too late to save the world. Superheroes aren’t fictional, after all.