Spring/Summer 2016

“Sweet Escape”

To welcome the season of travelling the world, KINGKAN has crafted the Spring/Summer 2016 collection with inspirations from the designer’s globetrotting experience in various destinations, each boasting a unique appearance and culture. The diversity sparked the idea in sartorial design, translated through fashion lingo into the unique pieces in this collection.

This season, KINGKAN draws the emotions, feelings, and reminiscent memories of various cities around the world. The pieces express a spectrum of emotions, utilizing different techniques such as frills that pay tribute to windswept holidays by the beach in Cinque Terre. The flowing and lightweight fabric is a reminder of summer by the sea. Layering technique is inspired by rows of houses in Positano, translated into layer upon layer of fabric, creating a unique style.

The colour palette of this collection is bright and vibrant, a tribute to a walk at Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Festival. Pink and orange lend a touch of fun and freshness this summer, while classic black and white maintain an air of glamour and mystery.

The materials in this collection include stretchy spandex, suitable for summertime. The jacquard is designed to feature the exquisiteness of Roman columns, while luxurious textiles like sequin and Duchess silk are used in limited edition pieces.

Sticking to simple yet feminine silhouette, the collection appeals to KINGKAN women with special details that add a sexy and mysterious charm to the plain pieces. The range includes everyday items that can be mixed and matched in various occasions. Whether you’re looking for finely tailored work wear or an evening outfit, you can always find a piece that fits your fashion need in a mysterious and classy way, just like what KINGKAN girls anticipate from this brand.

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